Tanque V Panther Ausf.G late - WWII - 1/35
ITA 6534S - ITALERI - NCM: 9503.00.50


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Tanque V Panther Ausf.G late - WWII - 1/35

Kit para montar - Tanque V Panther Ausf.G late - WWII - 1/35

Escala: 1/35
Comprimento: 253 mm
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Tanque V Panther Ausf.G late - WWII - 1/35
ITA 6534S - ITALERI - NCM: 9503.00.50

Sobre o original:
The "Panther" was definitely one of the most famous tanks of World War II. Developed as a direct answer to T-34 and KV-1 Soviet tanks that outclassed, in terms of performance and armament, the Panzer III and Panzer IV on the eastern front. Powered by a 12V Mayback 690 hp engine, it was armed with the very effective, especially for anti-tank use, Kwk 42 L/70 75 mm gun. The Panther Ausf. G was produced from March 1944 and was characterized by a strengthened hull, a different design of the commander’s cupola, improved gun protection and "Zimmerit" anti-magnetic mine paste. Panther Ausf. G had a crew of 5 men. It was produced in more than 2,000 units and served on all fronts : Italy, France and Eastern front.
Dimensões da caixa:
373 x 241 x 60 mm

Faixa etária: 14 anos e acima
Imagens e fotos meramente ilustrativas. Aparência e características do produto dependem de como ele é montado ou utilizado pelo usuário.

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