Monogram Panzer IV - 1/32
REV 857861 - REVELL - NCM: 9503.00.50

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Kit para montar - Monogram Panzer IV - 1/32

Escala: 1/32
Comprimento: 219,07 mm
Largura/envergadura: 98,42 mm
Altura: 79,37 mm
Número de peças: 197

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Monogram Panzer IV - 1/32
REV 857861 - REVELL - NCM: 9503.00.50

Sobre o original:
In all its wars, Germany excelled at maneuver warfare. However, it wasn't until the invention of the reliable, quick, and extremely powerful Panzer IV that the German Panzer Corps really waged a blitzkrieg. Upgrades to the armor and armament of the Panzer IV took the tank from an infantry support role and made it a powerful weapon for confronting nearly any enemy. In the end, simple numbers defeated superior design. The number of Shermans and T-34s produced was ten times that of Panzer IVs. Kit features extra equipment and two crew members.

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